A Montessori Co-op Community

Currently enrolling for the 2017-2018 year

For further details, contact hello@dandelionmontessoricoop.org.

Dandelion Montessori Co-op is a community of educators and families in Cambridge, MA designed to support children and their families through and outside of school.

Our school is led by two AMS-certified teaching Heads of School, who apply the Montessori Method to create a developmentally appropriate and enriching learning environment for the children. Parent involvement in the classroom, in parent education, in committee work, and in a parent-teacher governance structure underpins a learning environment that moves fluidly between school, home and community. Teachers, children, and parents form a tight community that nests children within a supportive context that is centered on their growth and flexible to change when that growth demands.

Families will be required to schedule and attend several in-class observation sessions, which provide an opportunity for parents or family members to witness the Montessori environment in action, act as a guest of their child, and practice the art of Montessori observation. Families may choose to commit to offering additional classroom support, serving as a Montessori apprentice. Apprentice shifts will be filled on an application and opt-in basis by parents who are able to commit to consistently performing as an assistant teacher as a way to reduce tuition.

Because the family-focused Montessori cooperative is a novel concept with a still-evolving organizational and operational structure, we are looking for families with an entrepreneurial spirit who can help us use our resources creatively to find innovative solutions. 

A primary goal of Dandelion Montessori Coop is to keep a Montessori education accessible. Partial scholarships are available to a limited number of applicants who can demonstrate financial need.

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